Published on 2018-07-26

General aviation development division

Division structure:

Functions of Division:

  1. To Develop a general aviation in the civil aviation sector, and manage general aviation development program, define policy and strategy, provide professional support and assistance to management;
  2. Develop general aviation management and legal environment for the civil aviation sector;
  3. Promote the development of general aviation purpose in tourism, environment, health and agriculture sectors;
  4. Perform to following The Civil Aviation Law and regulations, State Policy on the Civil Aviation Sector up to 2020, the Action Plan of the Government of Mongolia for 2016-2020, the “General Aviation Development Program” and other relevant legal instruments.
  5. Develop the general aviation services, operations and infrastructure for the implementation of the strategic objectives of the Civil Aviation Authority;
  6. General aviation flight operation, service quality and accessibility shall be implemented through the adoption of an optimal system for improving the air navigation. In addition, improving the human resources capacity of the general aviation sector and also to manage for supporting the general aviation operations and investment efficiency;
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