Published on 2018-07-26

Information Technology, Innovation and Research Development Division

Information Technology, Innovation and Research Development Division has been established as part of Project and Program Coordination Department of Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia pursuant to the Order 151 of Minister of Road and Transport Development dated on 04 July 2018. The division performs the following functions:

  1. Define aviation sustainable development tendency in line with global initiatives set forward by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and initiatives at international, regional and national level and collaborate with international and national organizations;
  2. Define information technology policy of civil aviation, promote latest technology, implement projects and programs and ensure the security of information and information systems;
  3. Create and maintain innovation culture, improve competency and efficiency by expediting efficient and creative cooperation of aviation system stakeholders and promote organizational development principles and policy;
  4. Conduct research of current status and future prospects of aviation and establish innovation infrastructure aimed to create new products and services and domesticate advanced technology.
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