Published on 2018-04-04

Remote-Controlled Aircraft Operation

Today, remote-controlled aircraft systems are widely produced and used. For example, remote-controlled aircraft and multi-propelled “helicopters” are sold through electrical and game shops. The concept of remote-controlled aircraft is a term used by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). It is also defined as the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles-UAV /, Unmanned Aerial Systems -UAS, and Drone. Additionally, there is a huge need for industrial and service applications such as aerial photography and monitor high voltage power lines. However, the design of the remote-controlled aircraft is flying device, which creates various risks for aviation safety, such as fly in flight-controlled space and fly through densely populated areas. There are various arrangements for minimizing these risks in the civil aviation sector and mitigating impacts on aviation safety and developing control procedures. As with the requirements of organizations, economic entities and individuals engaged in civil aviation services, individuals and organizations flying the remote-controlled aircraft must be familiar with and comply with certain rules, and directives of civil aviation.

For example, please watch video of NZ Drone Safety from New Zealand.

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Please contact or +976-11-285013 (telephone) for remote-controlled aircraft`s permission, restriction and certifications.

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