The Mongolian State Emergency Committee announced state of heightened alert in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia Read More


ONE. GENERAL. Worldwide, civil aviation is classified in two categories: regular, commercial air transportation for passenger and cargo and general aviation. Within this general classification, general aviation operations shall be administered by related rules of the Civil Aviation Regulations. The wide range of the utilization of the general aviation would play important role in the national economy.  In addition to the charter flights for the mining company, aerial agro-chemicals services, aerial photographs, air ambulance assistance, aerial surveys, development of the general aviation plays considerable social and economic important role in the weather  forecast surveys, auto traffic patrols, monitoring, logging, wildlife survey and accounting, control animal migration, survey on the natural environment, tourism, air taxi, business and personal use. In order to expand and develop these activities, there with required to undertake a wide range of tasks, which would cover almost all national economy branches, territorial aspects as like to perfect the legal environment, improve infrastructure, prepare pilots, engineers and technicians, esta... Read More

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