General aviation development division

Division structure: Functions of Division: To Develop a general aviation in the civil aviation sector, and manage general aviation development program, define policy and strategy, provide professional support and assistance to management; Develop general aviation management and legal environment for the civil aviation sector; Promote the development of general aviation purpose in tourism, environment, health and agriculture sectors; Perform to following The Civil Aviation Law and regulations, State Policy on the Civil Aviation Sector up to 2020, the Action Plan of the Government of Mongolia for 2016-2020, the "General Aviation Development Program" and other relevant legal instruments. Develop the general aviation services, operations and infrastructure for the implementation of the strategic objectives of the Civil Aviation Authority; General aviation flight operation, service quality and accessibility shall be implemented through the adoption of an optimal system for improving the air navigation. In addition, improving the human resources capacity of the general aviation sector and also to manage for supporting the general aviat... Read More

Information Technology, Innovation and Research Development Division

Information Technology, Innovation and Research Development Division has been established as part of Project and Program Coordination Department of Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia pursuant to the Order 151 of Minister of Road and Transport Development dated on 04 July 2018. The division performs the following functions: Define aviation sustainable development tendency in line with global initiatives set forward by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and initiatives at international, regional and national level and collaborate with international and national organizations; Define information technology policy of civil aviation, promote latest technology, implement projects and programs and ensure the security of information and information systems; Create and maintain innovation culture, improve competency and efficiency by expediting efficient and creative cooperation of aviation system stakeholders and promote organizational development principles and policy; Conduct research of current status and future prospects of aviation and establish innovation infrastructure aimed to create new products and services and domestica... Read More

Project and Program Coordination Department

The Project and Program Coordination Department of Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia has been newly established under the order of the Minister of Road and Transport Development on 4th July 2018. The department is exercise the function of developing the civil aviation sector of Mongolia consistently with standards and policy documents of ICAO, drafting the policy of development and innovation, coordinating the implementation of the civil aviation development project and program and assuring the successful delivery of such actions. The Project and Program Coordination Department supervises the General Aviation Development Division and Information Technology, Innovation and Research Development Division.... Read More

Administration Department

The Administration Department shall provide the Director with the Human Resources and Administration's integrated management system with the CAA and its affiliated manufacturing and service units. It will also have the responsibility to ensure the leadership of public administration, to train personnel, to institutional strategies, policies and plans, to coordinate implementation, and to report the implementation of policies, programs and laws.... Read More

Finance And Economy Division

Duties Economy and Financial Department/Division is responsible for preparing and processing budget draft of the Civil Aviation Authority and submit to Ministry of Finance and other relevant departments. Furthermore, responsibilities includes provide performance monitoring, consolidate financial statements, registering and monitoring norms and tariffs and overseeing monetary clearances and spending.... Read More

Flight Standards & Operations Oversight Division

[vc_row 0=""][vc_column][vc_column_text 0=""]The oversight and surveillance of civil aviation activities implemented by the Aviation Safety and Regulations Department of the CAA. The head of the Department shall be conferred a status of the General State Inspector of aviation safety. The main responsibility: Aircraft operations inspections, certifications and surveillance. The primary goal: To ensure that air operators comply with Mongolian Civil Aviation Regulations. Functions and responsibilities are: Perform entry control and functional supervision on air operators Aircraft Operations Safety oversight Approval of special operation specifications (MEL, RVSM, RNP and etc.) Approval/Acceptance of aviation documents Approval or exemptions to the transport of Dangerous goods Certification of foreign air operators, and conduct ramp and document inspection Certification of air freight forwarders Conduct Safety Inspections and Audit Enforcements Development and revision of specific operating regulations [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]... Read More

Rule Making Division

The Rule Making Division of MCAA is responsible for the development, amendment and approval of the Civil Aviation Regulations which is emanating from the primary aviation legislation and providing for standardized operational procedures, equipment and infrastructures (including safety management and training systems), in conformance with the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs), contained in the Annexes to the Convention on International Civil Aviation at the minimum level and in consistence with national aviation framework. Civil Aviation Law and its amendment draft; Civil Aviation Rules; Advisory Circulars to MCAR; Forms to MCAR; Logbooks; Exemption control from MCAR; ... Read More

Personnel Licensing Division

Responsibilities. Personnel Licensing Division is an essential arm of a civil aviation regulatory body. It is established to carry out the functions and administrative processes leading up to the issuance of a licence, rating or other certificates to those personnel (s) who are required to be in possession of such documents by law, in order to carry out their respective job functions. The PEL Division of the MCAA undertakes licensing of Flight Crew, Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Air Traffic Controllers. Tasks of a Personnel Licensing Division.  To discharge its responsibilities, the PEL Division has to carry out many tasks which are normally organized around five major functional areas: Examinations (Flight Crew, Aircraft Maintenance, Flight Dispatcher and Air Traffic Controller), Licensing, Training, Regulatory and Administration. The organizational structure is based on these functions. The examination tasks. The examination tasks of a PEL office are the most complex, as they require a high level of experience and expertise in the various areas of licensing. Executing the tasks also requires the highest technical and ethical integri... Read More

Aerodrome And Air Navigation Oversight Division

The Aerodrome and Air Navigation Division is responsible for the conducting the required initial investigation prior to issue of the Certificate by CAR139, 140, 171, 172, 173, 174, 175 and exercising continuing surveillance and safety inspection for the purpose of. Making recommendations to the CAAM regarding the issue of subsequent certificates related to the associated operations specifications and competence of the aerodromes, technical support service, aviation security service, air traffic service, aviation meteorological service and aeronautical information organisations respectively, to continue exercising the privileges of the certificate Making recommendations to the CAAM concerning any special conditions that may as a result of the investigations need to be imposed Informing the CAAM and the Certificated organization of any deficiencies needing rectification Making recommendations to the CAAM concerning appropriate enforcement action. In doing so the Aerodrome and Air Navigation Division neither shares nor diminishes the certificated organisation’s direct responsibility for safety and compliance with State operating regulat... Read More

Regulatory Functions of the MCAA

According to Civil Aviation Law of Mongolia, regulatory functions such as the surveillance and oversight for the operation of civil aviation activities implemented by the Aviation Safety Oversight  and Regulations Department (ASORD) of the MCAA. The Department is headed by the Deputy Director General of MCAA and Aviation Safety Oversight and Regulation Department. The work is carried by 46 staff members in the Aviation Safety Oversight and Regulation Department most of whom are professionally qualified inspectors as Pilots, Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Air Traffic Controllers and Lawyers. The ASORD comprises 5 divisions:   Flight Standards & Operations Oversight Division Airworthiness Division Personnel Licensing Division Aerodrome and Air Navigation Oversight Division Rule Making Division   From 2001 to 2008 and amended in 2010 MCAA has developed complete set of MCAR’s based on the New Zealand Civil Aviation Regulation System. The MCAA has been successfully audited on their regulatory system by ICAO in 1997, 1999, 2001, 2010 and 2017 (ICVM).... Read More

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