Proposed Civil Aviation Rules

Proposed Civil Aviation Rules If you find any issue related to the below information, send an email to the Rule Division at Please use common words which are used for translation of civil aviation legislation. № CAR Title  Issued / Reviewed Comparison of current and proposed CAR Definitions and Interpretation  1 CAR interpretation summary ИНД-ийн нэр томьёоны тайлбар                 (Completed) N. Enkhtuya Yo. Enkhtur Current Part 1 Procedures  2 Part-13 ИНД-13 Investigation of Violations and Enforcement Procedures Зөрчлийг шалгах болон албадлагын дүрэм       (In progress) Ch. Davaadorj Yo. Enkhtur Current Part 13 Rules of the Air and General Operating Rules  3 Part-91 ИНД-91 General Operating and Flight Rules Нислэгийн үйл ажиллагааны ерөнхий дүрэм         (Completed) B. Gantulga G. Munkh-Ochir Part 91 comparison Certificated Operators and Other Flight Operations  4 Part-115 ИНД-115 Adventure Aviation – Certification and Operations... Read More


Forms are simplified and approved document which are dedicated for communication between CAA and Civil aviation community for implementation of the rules. Forms are developed in PDF and Word format. Please use, Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF forms. If you find any issue related to the below information, send an email to the Rule Division at LOGBOOKS Pilot Logbook 1373 Pilot logbook Experience Logbook 6501 Air traffic service logbook 6601 Maintenance Training and Experience Logbook Aircraft Logbooks 2101 Aircraft logbook 2110 Propeller logbook 2158 Engine logbook 1464 Aircraft / Engine / Propellor Airworthiness Directives logbook Technical Log 006 Technical Log 400 Maintenance Record Sheet and Separator Card   FORMS № New Form Number Title Effective date Miscellaneous 1 810 NPRM Submission Form 27.Apr.2016 2 24FPP (En.) 24FPP (Мон.) Fit and Proper Person Questionnaire Тохирох, зөв хүний анкет 31.May.2017 3 24FPPDEC (En.) 24FPPDEC (Мон.) Fit and Proper Person Declarati... Read More

Advisory Circulars

Advisory circular provides explanatory information on how to comply with CAR requirements, and its compliance is a mandatory. If you find any issue related to the below information, send an email to the Rule Division at Flight test standard guide № Title Revision / Effective date 1 Type Rating Ed.1 Rev.0 / 14.Apr.2017 2 Instrument Rating Ed.1 Rev.0 / 14.Apr.2017 3 Recreational and Private Pilot Licence Issue Ed.1 Rev.0 / 14.Apr.2017 4 Commercial Pilot Licence Issue Ed.1 Rev.0 / 14.Apr.2017 5 Airline Transport Pilot Licence Issue                                                                                                                                           . Ed.1 Rev.0 / 04.Apr.2017 6 Flight Instructor Rating Category E Ed.1 Rev.0 / 14.Apr.2017 7 Flight Instructor Rating Category D Ed.1 Rev.0 / 14.Apr.2017 8 Flight Instructor Rating Category C Ed.1 Rev.0 / 14.Apr.2017 9 Flight Instructor Rating Category B Ed.1 Rev.0 / 14.Apr.2017 10 Flight Instructor Rating Category A Ed.... Read More

Civil Aviation Rules

If you find any issue related to the below information, send an email to the Rule Division at Part Title Effective date Definitions and interpretation ИНД-1 Тодорхойлолт ба Товчлол 30.Jun.2010 Procedures ИНД-11 Дүрэм боловсруулах, дүрмийн шаардлагаас чөлөөлөх 07.May.2010 ИНД-12 Part 12 Осол, зөрчил болон статистик мэдээлэл Accidents, Incidents, and Statistics Procedure 12.Jun.2019 ИНД-13 Зөрчлийг шалгах 07.May.2010 Aircraft ИНД-21 Part 21 Бүтээгдэхүүн, эд ангийн гэрчилгээжүүлэлт Certification of Products and Parts 12.Jun.2019 ИНД-26 Part 26 Нислэгт тэнцэх чадварын нэмэлт шаардлага Additional Airworthiness Requirements 12.Jun.2019 ИНД-39 Part 39 Нислэгт тэнцэх чадварын удирдамж Airworthiness Directives 12.Jun.2019 ИНД-43 Part 43 Техник үйлчилгээний ерөнхий дүрэм General Maintenance Rules... Read More

Mongolian Aviation Acts

If you find any corrections required to the information below, send an email to the Rule Division at Acts Issue date Amendment date Civil Aviation law 21.Jan.1999 02.Feb.2017 State Aviation Law 30.May.2003 19.Apr.2018 Usage of Airspace in Aviation 30.May.2003 04.Dec.2015 Crimes Act 03.Dec.2015 10.Oct.2019 Violation Act 11.May.2017 20.Dec.2019 Mongolian International Aviation Agreements / Conventions see referred link Safety Orders of DG see referred link  ... Read More

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